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Quartz Surface
• Length: 762mm ~ 3050mm (30 ~ 120)

• Width: 762 ~ 1524mm (30 ~ 64)

• Thickness: 8.0 ~ 50mm (5/16 ~ 2)

• 300mmx300mm, 400mmx400mm, 500mmx500mm, 600mmx600mm, 300mmx600mm (Thickness: 8.0 - 50mm)

Durable, Consistent in color, Anti-penetration, High consistency, Extra-strong dirt- tolerant, Scratching-resistant, Heat-resistant, requires no sealing or polishing.

Advantages of Quartz Surface Stone

1) Scratching-resistant: Quartz contains 93% of pure silica (containing 99.9% of SiO2). Quartz crystal ranks No.2 in hardness, following diamond, and its surface can be a lot harder than the any kitchen knives, spades and other metal supplies.

2) Dirt- tolerant: Quartz is a type of composite material, which has the same structure from the interior to the exterior, with no holes in the exterior. Daily-use liquid substances cannot penetrate its external. Liquids covering its surface for a long time can be easily cleared using dishcloth with clean water or depuratives.

3) Natural quartz crystal is typical type of heat-resistant material whose melting point is up to 1300 C. 93% of natural quartz stone products are fully flame-retardant. High heat cannot cause any dent or burn mark on them. This character is unmatched.

4) Easy to maintain: Quartz has no problem of getting yellowed or color change. It only requires water for routine cleaning, which is a simple work. Even after prolonged use, its surface remains as brilliant as new ones, requiring no maintenance or repairing work.

5) Nontoxic & non-radiate: Quartz is made from natural quartz crystals and other minerals tones, which are miscellaneously purified in the manufacturing process, and the raw materials do not contain any heavy metal impurities that could cause radiation.


It is widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, etc.) and home furnishings (kitchen table-boards, commodes, kitchen and bathroom walls, tables, tea tables, sills, door covers).It is a type of non-radioactive-polluted, reusable environmental new green material for building and interior decoration.

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