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For everyday cleaning, use soapy water and a damp cloth to wipe over the worksurface. Then buff with a good quality cloth to bring up the shine on the surface. Food and liquid spills should always be wiped up immediately. If you have chosen a dark coloured worksurface, then they require more regular application than light colours.

Use &Care

Some household chemicals are surprisingly strong such as acetone or bleach. Please do not expose your worktop for prolonged periods to products of this type. If they do come into contact with worksurface, wipe them off immediately followed by a thorough rinse with clean soapy water. Finish off by buffing with a micro-fibre cloth.
Do not allow your worksurface to come into any contact with oven cleaners, paint remover, paint brush cleaners, drain cleaners or any similar products.
Do not chop directly onto the worksurface. Please use a separate chopping board for this purpose, just as you should with any worksurface to prevent scratching.
While offering heat resistant properties, we recommend you protect your worksurface with protective pads, stainless steel trivets or hob bars, Never place hot ovenware, pots pans directly onto the surface.

Removing a stain

Food and liquid spills should always be wiped up immediately. However if a stain occurs on your worksurface, then we recommend you try each of the following steps in turn to remove it:
1.      Apply a solution made up of one part domestic bleach to nine parts water. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly off.
2.      Apply a non-abrasive cleaner with a non-abrasive scouring pad using a circular rubbing action.
3.      Apply an abrasive cleaner with a nylon abrasive pad using a circular rubbing motion.
If you are unsuccessful in removing the stain or scratch, or have damaged your worksurface in attempting to do so, then don’t despair. One of the key benefits of solid surface is that it is repairable and the surface can be brought back to as good as new by a professional.

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